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Core Courses and Forum

Three Core Courses:

1. Foundation in Computational Plant Science 

Offered in Fall 2020 as HRT 891

Credits: 3   

Description: The course will synthesize concepts from computational and data science with biological principles.


2. Frontiers in Computational Plant Science

Offered in Spring 2020 as CSS 893

Credits: 3   

Description: A modular course focusing on interdisciplinary research topics interfacing computational and plant sciences. 

3. Introduction to Computational Modeling (CMSE 801)[ELECTIVE, RECOMMENDED FOR PLANT SCIENCE TRAINEES]

Fall of every year

Credits: 3   

Recommended Background:

One semester of introductory calculus

Description: Introduction to computational modeling using a wide variety of application examples. 

Forum in Computational Plant Science

Credits: 3 

Description: The forum is open to all students interested in the intersection between computational and plant sciences.

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The goal of the annual Symposium is to provide Trainees an opportunity to:

  • Improve their communication skills by presenting their research to a campus-wide audience, 
  • Engage in event planning and participate in professional development activities, and
  • Network with invited speakers.

Participation and planning:

  • All Trainees will participate in and engage the speakers in the symposium each year.
  • Trainees will work with Trainers to determine the list of speakers with diverse career paths and invite them to present the state-of-the-art research problems with broader societal impacts. 
  • The event will be broadly advertised, and non-Trainees can register and participate which will provide an opportunity for trainees to communicate their research more broadly.
  • Trainees will act as hosts for speakers and session chairs and this provides opportunities for interaction between Trainees and invited speakers  – experiences that are expected to further improve Trainees' skills in communication, management, and leadership.


Upon completion, Trainees will share their internship experiences during Forum or Symposium and through a blog post on the NRT program website.

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Outreach Activities

Outreach goals

  • The outreach activities will be centered at the intersection of plant and computational sciences with the goal of educating the public about the frontiers of plant research and broadening participation in these emerging fields. 
  • This program will engage the public through multiple activities targeting all age groups and backgrounds. 
  • Trainees will be involved in the planning, orchestration, and evaluation of all outreach activities. 

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Professional Development

Professional development preparing Trainees for a broad career path is a central component of the IMPACTS program. Trainees will participate in the following professional development activities aiming at bolstering the Trainee’s communication, leadership, management, mentoring, and teaching skills.

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