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Erik Jose Amezquitamorataya

Erik is a CMSE PhD student who looks for abstract math popping up in the least expected places. Erik is currently figuring out how to quantify the shape of barley spikes using the Euler Characteristic and related Topological Data Analysis machinery. Erik is also enthusiastic about algebraic topology in general, machine learning and the processing of X-ray CT scans.

Before arriving at MSU, Erik finished his bachelor math degree in University of Guanajuato, Mexico, with support from CIMAT and CONACYT. Erik's bachelor thesis sought to describe the morphology of pre-Columbian masks with the Euler Characteristic. Erik gave a new insight on how topology can tell us the origin of masks tributed to the Aztecs in Templo Mayor.

Erik enjoys world cinema, with a particular inclination to Buñuel, Tarkovsky and Fellini. You can discuss film, archaeology or math with Erik at amezqui3(at)msu(dot)edu.