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IMPACTS selected seven trainees for the inaugural class

Trainee cohort











L to R: Erik Jose Amezquitamorataya, Bethany Gettings, Binbin Huang, Hao Wang, Zhongjie Ji, Rie Sadohara, Yunfei Long

Erik Jose Amezquitamorataya, Comp. Math. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Chitwood; Co-mentor: Munch)
Bethany Gettings, Plant Biology (Mentor: Long; Co-mentor: Shiu)
Binbin Huang, Comp. Math. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Wang; Co-mentor: Jiang)
Zhongjie Ji, Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Thompson; Co-mentor: Morris)
Yunfei Long, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Mentor: Morris; Co-mentor: Thompson & Cichy)
Rie Sadohara, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Cichy; Co-mentor: Morris)
Hao Wang, Comp. Math. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Wang; Co-mentor: Shiu)                                                   


IMPACTS selected seven trainees for the 2019 cohort












L to R: Fabio Gomez, Davis Mathieu, Robert Shrote, Seth Hunt, Mckena Lipham, Nolan Bornowski, Julian Venegas

Nolan Bornowski, Plant Biology (Mentor: Buell; Co-mentor: Wang)
Davis Mathieu, Genetics (Mentor: Hamberger; Co-mentor: Colbry)
Seth Hunt, Plant Biology (Mentor: Long; Co-mentor: Chitwood)
Fabio Gomez, Biochem. Mol. Biol. (Mentor: Grotewold; Co-mentor: Krishnan)
Julian Venegas, Comp. Math. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Xie; Co-mentor: Shiu)
Mckena Lipham, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Robert VanBuren)
Robert Shrote, Horticulture (Mentor: Addie Thompson)


IMPACTS selected twelve trainees for the 2020 cohort

Christina Chiu, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Takahashi; Co-mentor: Krishnan)
Jamell Dacon, Comp. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Tang; Co-mentor: Shiu) 
Rei Doko (Incoming student), Comp. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Liu)
Anna Haber, Horticulture (Mentor: VanBuren; Co-mentor: Wang)
Thilani Jayakody, Plant Breed. Genet. Biotechnol. (Mentor: Douches; Co-mentor: Buell)
Hannah Jeffery, Plant Breed. Genet. Biotechnol. (Mentor: Cichy; Co-mentor: Childs)
Joshua Kaste, Biochem. Mol. Biol. (Mentor: Shachar-Hill; Co-mentor: Sung)
Serena Lotreck, Plant Biology (Mentor: Shiu; Co-mentor: Shachar-Hill)
Andriana Manousidaki, Statistics & Probability (Mentor: Weng; Co-mentor: Xie, Jiang
Emily Roggenkamp, Genetics (Mentor: Chilvers; Co-mentor: Buell
Scott Teresi, Horticulture (Mentor: Edger; Co-mentor: Wang)
Jiaxin Yang, Comp. Math. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Wang; Co-mentor: Jiang)


IMPACTS selected fifteen trainees for the 2021 cohort

Brianna Brown (incoming student), Plant Biology (Mentor: Niederhuth)
Abigail Bryson, Genetics (Mentor: Hamberger; Co-mentor: Edger)
Carly Claucherty, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Patterson; Co-mentor: Liu)
Sikta Dasadhikari, Statistics & Probability (Mentor: Wang; Co-mentor: Edger)
Kara Dobson, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (Mentor: Zarnetske; Co-mentor: OShea)
Asia Hightower, Plant Biology (Mentor: Josephs; Co-mentor: Chitwood)
Paulo Izquierdo, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Cichy; Co-Mentor: de los Campos)
Mackenzie Jacobs, BioMolecular Sci. & Molecular Plant Sci. (Mentor: Edger; Co-Mentor: Wang)
Claudia Elena Miranda Cekalovic, (Mentor: Edger; Co-Mentor: de los Campos)
Miles Roberts, Genetics (Mentor: Josephs; Co-mentor: Krishnan)
Kenia Segura Abá, Genetics (Mentor: Shiu; Co-mentor: de los Campos)
Wendy Leuenberger, Integrative Biol & Eco. Evol. & Behavior (Mentor: Zipkin; Co-Mentor: Finley)
Harry Shomer, Comp. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Tang; Co-mentor: Shiu)
Joanne Thomson, Molecular Plant Sciences (Mentor: Brandizzi; Co-mentor: Wang)
Brandon Webster, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Thompson; Co-Mentor: Bunting)


IMPACTS selected ten trainees for the 2022 cohort

Duncan Boren, Biochem. Mol. Biol. (Mentor: Vermaas; Co-mentor: Li Sung)
Jill Check, Plant Pathology (Mentor: Chilvers; Co-mentor: Dong)
Nick Johnson, Genetics (Mentor: Patterson; Co-mentor: Edger)
Nick Moreno, Biochem. Mol. Biol. (Mentor: Farre; Co-mentor: Krishnan)
Jordan Manchego, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences (Mentor: Thompson; Co-mentor: Colbry)
Ally Schumacher, Plant Biology (Mentor: Shiu; Co-mentor: Wang)
Jenny Schuster, Cell and Molecular Biology (Mentor: VanBuren; Co-mentor: Wang)
Farnaz Tajik, Plant Biology (Mentor: Long)
Josh Temple, Plant Biology (Mentor: Kramer; Co-mentor: Liu)
Judson Van Wyk, Plant Pathology (Mentor: Bonito; Co-mentor: Liu, Childs)
Julia Zheng, Comp. Sci. Engr. (Mentor: Liu; Co-mentor: Bonito)

NRT-IMPACTS Fellow Report Form

[Instruction] Progress Reports are collected annually. They will be used for reporting to NSF and, if you are eligible, for evaluating your application for additional fellowship funding from the NRT Program.

Due Date: 5/15 annually.

The annual NSF report is for the duration activities before 6/30, please provide that info as well.

There are two parts to the report:

  • Activity Report Form: This is an Excel spreadsheet for you to provide info on the program courses you have taken, project outcomes, professional development activities, and service activities.
  • Research Progress: This is a 2-page document (see template) providing info on your proposed aims, anticipated outcomes (based on the proposal you have submitted), research accomplishments, and future direction. It must be in Arial font, 11pt, one-inch margin on all sides.
  • Submit both documents, include your last name at the end of the file names to nrt@msu.edu.



How do I know what the requirements are if I become an IMPACTS fellow?

Please go through your offer letter thoroughly as the information is listed within the document. You can also look it up on the website.

How does Health Insurance work if I get the NRT fellowship?

In addition to the stipend, we will reimburse you for health insurance costs, as determined by the MSU Student Health Insurance Plan offered through the Human Resources office (https://www.hr.msu.edu/benefits/students/health/index.html). Please be aware that we do not enroll you in health insurance. You need to enroll yourself by the applicable deadline through the provider website. You will also need to provide proof of enrollment prior to reimbursement. If you do not need health insurance, no action is needed on your part. For information on the student health care insurance plan and health care options, please visit the MSU Human Resources website: http://www.hr.msu.edu/students.html.  (Note: to opt for the dental plan you must enroll by calling Delta Dental at 1-800-971-4108)

Contact  Michelle Fewless (517-884-0170) for Student Health Inquiries

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What about getting a parking permit with this fellowship?

As a fellowship recipient you are eligible to get a parking pass. The parking permit website states:

“ Fellowship recipients who receive a MSU Fellowship of $1,000 or more per semester qualify for a graduate assistant parking permit for that semester. Qualifying fellowship recipients may not register on-line. They must go to the Parking Office with a letter from their Department Administrator stating that they have a fellowship of at least $1,000 per semester. They must also take their MSU Spartan ID card and current vehicle registration with them.”

You can contact your respective department admin if you need a letter for getting the parking permit. Please see this link for more details: http://police.msu.edu/parking-services/permits/

When do I get paid?
Fall: August 16 – December 31, the first payment date of September 15th
Spring: January 1 – May 15, payment date of January 15th
Summer: May 16 – August 15, the last payment date of August 15th