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The goal of the annual Symposium is to provide Trainees an opportunity to:

  • Improve their communication skills by presenting their research to a campus-wide audience, 
  • Engage in event planning and participate in professional development activities, and
  • Network with invited speakers.

Participation and planning:

  • All Trainees will participate in and engage the speakers in the symposium each year.
  • Trainees will work with Trainers to determine the list of speakers with diverse career paths and invite them to present the state-of-the-art research problems with broader societal impacts. 
  • The event will be broadly advertised, and non-Trainees can register and participate which will provide an opportunity for trainees to communicate their research more broadly.
  • Trainees will act as hosts for speakers and session chairs and this provides opportunities for interaction between Trainees and invited speakers  – experiences that are expected to further improve Trainees' skills in communication, management, and leadership.