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The goals of the 1-credit weekly forum are to provide Trainees an opportunity to: 

  • Interact with each other regularly as a peer group, 
  • Present their research findings to get feedback,
  • Practice their prelim exam and/or defense talks,
  • Discuss new findings from the literature of common interests,
  • Engage in professional development activities, and 
  • Discuss the focal areas of the Annual Symposium.

Participation and planning:

  • Trainees are required to participate in the Forum at least four semesters during their PhD training.
  • The Forum will be a platform where Trainees acquire communication skills with their peers. 
  • Trainees will take charge in planning the topics and scheduling speakers with a supervising trainer to strengthen their management and organization skills. 
  • Trainees will jointly determine a professional development topic, identify and invite relevant speakers to organize workshops or discussions.

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