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For students seeking fellowship support

Who can be trainees?

  1. A doctoral student in their 1st-2nd year of training (in existing or new trainer labs), or an incoming doctoral student committed to be trained in an NRT trainer lab. For students in their 3rd year, inquire with the program.
  2. There are two types of Trainees, individual or team-based:
    • Individual application (4 slots): A student with a research project that has a clear need for integrating computational/data and plant sciences co-advised by a plant science-oriented and a computational/data science-oriented trainer. 
    • Team-based application (2 teams of 2): Two students, one from computational and the other one from plant science disciplines, aiming at working on a project that is synergistic to both students’ thesis work. The project should have a clear need to integrate across disciplines.

Who can be trainers?

Trainer can be any MSU faculty as long as the other co-mentor trainer is listed on the IMPACTS website. Thus, for students not in existing trainer labs, you are still encouraged to apply. 

What are the responsibilities?

Trainee responsibilities:

  • Take the core and forum courses.
  • Plan and participate in the annual symposium.
  • Provide an annual progress report (based on a template from the program, see templates for research and activity) and status update on their progress toward degree.
  • [Optional but encouraged] Submit manuscripts to preprint server.
  • Acknowledge NRT support in any publication/presentation.
  • Participate in one internship opportunity.
  • Plan/carry out an outreach activity that connects the program to the public annually.

Trainer responsibilities:

  • Advise or co-advise on trainee project.
  • Help ensure trainee participation in program activities specified in the Trainee responsibilities section.
  • Serve on a subcommittee (executive, curriculum, recruitment, or symposium) for one year.

How to apply?

All the details for applying to NRT-IMPACTS fellowship can be found in this application document:

Application for fellowship - details
Review Criteria and Rubric

Send as PDF file to nrt@msu.edu after filling in your information: