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Workshop, lightning talks and virtual research speed dating

Machine Learning Workshop

How Machine Learning can be used to solve plant biology problems    
Presenter: Dr. Shin-Han Shiu    
More and more data are available in plant science that have fueled groundbreaking discoveries. Beyond the original intents of the experiments, these data can be used to discover even more. This is where machine learning comes in – using computers to learn from data and generate models that can predict a biological phenomenon of interest. Specifically, we will discuss the following in the workshop: What is machine learning? How does machine learning work? How can we feed data into machine learning tools to make discoveries? What are the best practices when doing machine learning? Where to go to learn more? Following discussion, there will be a hand-on session where you will form teams to run a machine learning workflow, make predictions, and interpret the model.
If you'd like to get an idea of the kinds of things that we'll be covering in this workshop, take a look at our GitHub page! Note that this is not the exact workshop we'll be presenting.  
Link to workshop repository: https://github.com/ShiuLab/ML_workshop    

Lightning Talks
MSU graduate students will present their research in 3-minute lightning talks. Join us on Tuesday, April 12th at 11:15 AM to hear about cutting-edge plant science work, or present your own! All talks will be judged, and prizes will be awarded to the top presenters.

Research Speed Dating
Want to network with your fellow plant science graduate students, or just make some new friends? Research Speed Dating will be happening virtually on Tuesday, April 12th at 5:00 PM. This is a great opportunity to share your work with other scientists in an informal setting and build connections within the MSU plant science community. Hope to see you there!